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updated 10/09/2013

We love discussions so we have a Discussion Board, get it off your chest!



What is a discussion, how does it work and does it make any sense? An understanding or a definition of the word 'discussion' might help in the first place.


  • Discussion; A consideration of a subject by a group; an earnest conversation which brings us to discourse and exposition.


  • Discourse: A formal discourse on a topic; an exposition.


  • Exposition: A setting forth of meaning or intent.


  • Argument: That's more like it!



Please feel free to respond with your ideas on the Discussion Board, either as a reply or an addition. All thoughts considered, PC, Cell Phone, Internet Security, Virus, Scams, Malware and Software in General.


10th September


Seagate to produce 5TB hard drive next year, 20TB by 2020 They are talking spinners here, by 2020 won't we strictly be SSD by then?


31st July


Targeted real-life adverts 'know who you are' Targeted adverts - based on web browsing history - have become established online, but how will the public react as advertisers start to pinpoint our habits and interests in our offline life too?


19th July