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Disability Technology / Assistive Technology

(article written by John and Mike. John himself suffers from Cerebral Palsy so writes with knowledge.)


What is disability / assistive technology? In general, specially designed devices, machines or equipment to improve someone with a physical, visual or other impairment that makes life difficult in everyday usage.

tgigeeks also has a forum for general computer enquiries ( Forum ) but we also have a dedicated forum for advice and help with assistive technology, ( Disability-Tech ). Please feel free to pop over and ask John a question or two, you will be made very welcome. Also, if you use a technology and find it useful for your particular needs please post there or email ContactUs with suggestions how we can make this page more informative.


If you would like a one to one talk with John via email then contact him here; jmeeks51


To encapsulate the task,


Assistive technology services are any services that directly assist an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device. People can find information at the Technology Access Center about any type of assistive technology for any type of need. However, center personnel specialize in assistive technologies not offered by other agencies in middle Tennessee and provide individual services centered on specific types of technologies including:

• Alternative/adapted computer access

• Telecommunications access

• Reading and writing adaptations and alternatives

• Modification of educational materials

• Alternative/augmentative communication with speech generating devices

• Adapted toys and recreational activities

• Accessible home, work, and school environments

• Electronic and low tech aids for daily living

• Technology designed for individual safety especially in homes

• Modified tools for specific tasks

• Low-vision aids

• Braille printing


{ source; http://www.tacnashville.org/ }




Here, we will discuss how using a computer with the above impairments can be improved with specialised equipment, show links to suitable devices such as Monitors, Keyboards, Mice and other peripherals, specialised software such as speech to text recognition / voice control and advice and recommendations on the equipment.

Microsoft Windows for some time has included Ease of Access Center found here; Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center, here you can change some options like Magnifier, Narrator, OnScreenKeyboard and Contrast for instance. Not everyone will find this enough but it is good for a start. EVERY disability is a challenge and each problem will face different approaches and solutions.


We will include news and views on emerging technologies as and when they arrive.


For instance, things to look at in general; Low vision / blind:


• A walking cane

• A CCTV (Close circuit tv)

• A big faced deck of playing cards

• A computer screen magnifier

• A voice operated computer


For wheelchair bound:


• Reachers (a stick with 2 hooks on the end of it to pick stuff up with).

• A fork or a spoon with a rubber grip on the end of it for ease to hold.

• A Hoyer (patient) lift that will enable a carer to move the person from a chair to a bed.


All very good for getting around the home or dealing with everday household problems, but how about navigating a computer, perhaps the main bit of kit that connects you to the outside world?


So let us start on a good footing with some excellent stuff and ideas:


e-bility A good site for quick links to software


Microsoft Accessibility The voice of Microsoft, as it were.